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  Brothers  Friends The Companion Quotes: Brothers are the best of advantages in times of hardship. مشکل وقت میں سب سے زیادہ فائدے مند تمھارے بھائی ہیں The person who helps you in obeying [Allah] is the best partner. جو شخص تمہیں الله کی اطاعت کی طرف راغب کرے وہ تمہارا بہترین ساتھی ہے A […]

Self Sacrifice Quotes by Hazrat Ali in English And Urdu

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Self Sacrifice Defination: compromise your feelings your interest to help others to give benefits to others Self-Sacrifice Hazrat Ali Quotes : Self sacrifice is prudence; accumulating [wealth] is a bad habit. خود کی قربانی دینا فضیلت ہے اور مال جمع کرنا ایک بری عادت ہے Self sacrifice is the noblest generosity. خود کی قربانی دینا […]

Hazrat Ali Quotes From Nehjul Balagah

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Hazrat Ali Quotes: To verify for you distinction, acknowledge just as favors, the assistance that you provide for men out of luck, ought to have the accompanying characteristics. Whatever its degree, it ought to be considered by you as frivolous so it might be conceded a high status; it ought to be given subtly, Allah […]