Greed Quotes and Stinginess Hazrat Ali Quotes

greed quotes stinginess hazrat Ali quotes

Greed Quotes and stingy Quotes saying by hazrat Ali a wise man in universe. Greedy quotes explain and stinginess by Imam Ali its self. Stinginess Quotes Of Hazrat Ali : 1. Stinginess is one of the two types of neediness. بخل غربت کی ایک قسم ہے 2. Stinginess procures shame and causes one to enter […]

Acting Quotes Deliberateness

Acting quotes images deliberateness quotes

Acting quotes and deliberateness quotes from wise saying of hazrat Ali must read this top acts quotes of Imam Ali and improve your experience by taking action on it. Acting Quotes In English: 1. Acting gradually is excellent in everything with the exception of in open doors for doing great. آہستہ آہستہ اداکاری ہر چیز […]

Best Faith Quotes

faith quotes of hazrat Ali

What is Faith ? Second name of Faith is Trust when we trust someone we are keeping faith on him. A word of Confidence on things persons and strong believe in concept. recognized with the tongue faith is the tree of generosity and here we discuss some best Faith quotes saying by Hazrat Ali.   […]

Trustworthiness Quotes trustworthy Sayings

Hazrat Ali quotes About Trustworthiness and trustworthy all from Mola Ali. Trust is a relationship between persons and believe me trust is the only thing to make someone your but don,t trust blindly some time its hurt a lot so here are some quotes about trust read it. Trustworthiness quotes: What a small number of […]