Hopes Quotes And Aspirations quotes

hopes quotes aspiration quotes hazrat ali quotes in english

here are the most popular quotes of hazrat Ali about hopes and aspiration. Long hopes quotes expectations quotes and aspiration complete sayinng of Imam Ali in english and in urdu. Hopes Quotes of Hazrat Ali: Many of those who expectation get baffled and numerous an explorer comes up short to return. بہت سے لوگ جو […]

Enjoining good and forbidding evil

Enjoining good and forbidding evil

Hazrat Ali Quotes About Enjoining good and forbidding evil it is the part of our faith if we are strong then we have the quality to do so. Read each and every single saying about enjoin and forbid evil and implement this on our life. Enjoining Good And Forbidding Evil Saying Of Hazrat Ali   […]

Matters Quotes All From Hazrat Ali

matters quotes hazrat ali quotes in english

Everyone in life is dealing with many type of matters they have like as family matters in home friends matters, life problems money type matters and many more so in this we discuss about all type of matters quotes saying by Hazrat Ali. Everyone Matters Quotes Matters happen by heavenly pronouncement, not by the arranging […]

Eating quotes | Allah attributes Quotes By Hazrat Ali

Allah attributes quotes eating quotes by hazrat ali quotes

Eating Quotes By Hazrat Ali    Eating less is from poise and overeating is from extravagance. کم کھانا خودکی بھلائی ہے اور زیادہ کھانا خود سے زیادتی کرنا ہے Eating less avoids numerous illnesses of the body. کم کھانا کافی بمیاریوں سے بچا لیتا ہے How frequently has the eating of one sustenance anticipated the […]

Etiquette and manners Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

etiquette quotes hazrat ali quotes

  Etiquette Quotes By Hazrat Ali: Complete etiquette quotes from hazrat ali saying all the words are valuable read and enjoy and learn the ways to live the successful life. Great etiquette is one of the two distinctive benefits. آداب دو مخصوص فوائد میں سے ایک ہے Great etiquette in an individual resembles a tree […]