A Haunted House Ray Ray Quotes

A haunted house ray ray quotes

A Haunted House is a horror-comedy film that combines elements of both genres to create a unique and entertaining experience. One of the standout characters in the movie is Ray Ray, a quirky and often hilarious ghost hunter. Throughout the film, Ray Ray delivers some unforgettable lines that will both scare and make you laugh out loud. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 of the scariest and funniest Ray Ray quotes from A Haunted House.

Ray Ray is known for his fearless and often reckless approach to ghost hunting. He brings a sense of humor to even the most terrifying situations, making him a fan-favorite character. Whether he is facing a haunted doll or encountering a demonic presence, Ray Ray always has a witty remark ready. These quotes showcase his unique personality and provide a glimpse into the humor and horror that A Haunted House offers.

One of Ray Ray’s most memorable quotes comes when he is confronted by a possessed doll. With a mixture of fear and amusement, he exclaims, “I ain’t afraid of no doll! Watch out, Chucky!” This line perfectly captures Ray Ray’s bravery and humor, as he fearlessly confronts the supernatural while referencing another iconic horror character.

“I told you I’m a ghost hunter! I got ghost DNA in my blood!”

Ray Ray’s confidence sometimes borders on the absurd, as he often claims to possess supernatural abilities himself. In one of his funniest lines, he boasts, “I told you I’m a ghost hunter! I got ghost DNA in my blood!” This quote showcases Ray Ray’s over-the-top personality and his belief in his own abilities, adding an extra layer of comedy to the film.

These quotes offer just a taste of the hilarious and scary moments that Ray Ray brings to A Haunted House. His unique blend of humor and bravery make him a standout character, and these lines will leave you both frightened and laughing out loud. So if you’re in the mood for a horror-comedy that will keep you entertained, be sure to check out A Haunted House and experience the brilliance of Ray Ray for yourself.

What is A Haunted House?

A Haunted House is a comedy horror film franchise consisting of two movies: “A Haunted House” (2013) and “A Haunted House 2” (2014). The films are directed by Michael Tiddes and written by Marlon Wayans and Rick Alvarez.

The movies follow the story of Malcolm Johnson (played by Marlon Wayans) and his girlfriend Kisha, who move into a new home only to realize that it is haunted. They decide to document the paranormal activities happening in their house, which leads to hilarious and scary situations.

The franchise is known for its mix of comedy and horror, with Marlon Wayans delivering funny and memorable lines throughout the movies. One of the standout characters in the films is Ray Ray (played by Affion Crockett), Malcolm’s eccentric cousin. Ray Ray’s quotes often provide comic relief and add to the overall entertainment value of the movies.

The films received mixed reviews from critics but gained a cult following for their unique blend of humor and horror. They have also been praised for their satirical take on popular horror movie tropes and references to other films in the genre.

If you are a fan of horror comedy or enjoy watching movies that combine scares with laughter, “A Haunted House” franchise is worth checking out.

Who is Ray Ray?

Ray Ray is a character from the movie “A Haunted House.” He is known for his hilarious and sometimes scary quotes that add humor to the film.

Ray Ray, played by actor Affion Crockett, is a friend of the main character Malcolm in the movie. He is portrayed as a quirky and eccentric individual with a love for paranormal activities.

  • Ray Ray often provides comic relief with his over-the-top reactions and offbeat sense of humor.
  • He is fascinated by the supernatural and is always ready to investigate haunted houses and other spooky phenomena.
  • Ray Ray’s quotes are a mix of absurd, hilarious, and sometimes terrifying statements that perfectly complement the horror-comedy genre of the movie.

Here are some examples of Ray Ray’s memorable quotes from “A Haunted House” that will surely make you laugh or cringe:

  1. “Oh no, man! You didn’t wake Kisha up? Kisha, your girl? Man, white people don’t wake up in no house and don’t say nothing!”
  2. “Why does this ghost have a bigger dick than me? That’s just not right!”
  3. “That’s why ghosts be grabbin’ your dick and stuff! Now they can be like, ‘Whoa, that’s a nice D.’ You know you can astral project a dick!”
  4. “Don’t y’all let the demons eat my Doritos! Damn you, demon!”
  5. “If a demon wants to eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich, they should be able to eat your peanut butter and jelly sandwich!”
  6. “Man, you got the Ghostbusters, the Winchester brothers, Scooby-Doo. Who Am I? Who am I? The black Clark Kent!”
  7. “I bet Boo Knows What Up Carl’s Jr. Mean. I bet Boo Knows”
  8. “Man, if that’s what she likes, then that’s what she should wear. She should just walk around with her titties out all day.”
  9. “We got demons, we got dick-grabbing, we got titty-poking, we got everything up in here! This is like a perverted Disneyland!”
  10. “When you’re black you go back, but I don’t plan on going back. I like my stuff new! And I heard in heaven, everything is new, no black people!”

Ray Ray’s unique character and his memorable quotes make him a fan favorite in the movie “A Haunted House.” His outrageous antics and comedic timing add an extra layer of entertainment to the horror-comedy genre.

Scary Quotes from Ray Ray

  • “I can hear them whispering in the walls.”
  • “Every time I close my eyes, I see their faces haunting me.”
  • “Did you hear that? It sounded like a scream coming from the basement.”
  • “I swear I saw a ghost pass right through that wall.”
  • “The temperature just dropped suddenly, it’s like they’re trying to make their presence known.”

“I feel a cold hand on my shoulder, but when I turn around, there’s no one there.”

  1. “The dolls in the attic, they move on their own. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.”
  2. “There’s something evil lurking in this house, I can feel it in my bones.”
  3. “The voices in my head keep telling me to leave, but I can’t escape.”

“I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a figure standing at the foot of my bed. I thought I was dreaming, but it felt so real.”

Quote Scare Level
“I can hear them whispering in the walls.” High
“Did you hear that? It sounded like a scream coming from the basement.” Medium
“The dolls in the attic, they move on their own. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.” High
“There’s something evil lurking in this house, I can feel it in my bones.” High

Hilarious Quotes from Ray Ray

  • “I don’t need a girlfriend, I need a new gaming console!”
  • “I told my teacher I lost my homework in a haunted house. She said, ‘But we don’t have a haunted house in this town.’ I said, ‘Exactly!'”
  • “I can’t decide if I’m afraid of ghosts or if I just love scaring myself. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!”
  • “I think the only thing scarier than a haunted house is a haunted bathroom!”
  • “I tried to scare my little sister with a ghost costume, but she just laughed and said, ‘Nice try, Ray Ray!’ I guess my scare tactics need some work!”
  • “If there’s one thing I’ve learned from horror movies, it’s that the person who trips and falls is always the first one to get eaten by the monster!”
  • “I’m not afraid of ghosts, I’m just really good at pretending to be scared!”
  • “When I was little, I used to think ghosts were just really shy and didn’t want to show themselves. Now I realize they just enjoy scaring people too much!”
  • “I once tried to use a ouija board to communicate with ghosts, but all I got was a message from my mom asking if I wanted pizza for dinner!”
  • “I don’t mind being scared, as long as I have some snacks and a comfy blanket to hide under!”

Impact of Ray Ray’s Quotes on the Movie

Ray Ray is one of the central characters in the movie “A Haunted House”. His hilarious and sometimes scary quotes have a significant impact on the overall storyline and audience reactions. Here are some of the ways Ray Ray’s quotes contribute to the movie:

  1. Comic Relief: Ray Ray’s quotes provide much-needed comic relief throughout the movie. His quirky and offbeat sense of humor lightens the mood in intense and scary scenes, giving the audience a chance to laugh and release tension.
  2. Character Depth: Through his quotes, Ray Ray’s character is developed to be both funny and lovable. His unique perspective and quick wit make him stand out among the other characters, adding depth to the overall story.
  3. Memorable Moments: Many of Ray Ray’s quotes have become iconic moments in the movie. His lines are often quoted by fans and have helped create a lasting impact on the audience’s memory of the film.
  4. Breaking Stereotypes: Ray Ray’s quotes challenge societal stereotypes by presenting a character who defies expectations. His quotes showcase his intelligence and wit, proving that humor can come from unlikely sources.
  5. Building Suspense: Some of Ray Ray’s quotes contribute to the overall suspense of the movie. His eerie and unsettling remarks often foreshadow upcoming scary events, creating anticipation and heightening the tension.

Overall, Ray Ray’s quotes have a significant impact on the movie “A Haunted House”. They provide comic relief, deepen the characterization, create memorable moments, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to building suspense. His presence in the film is essential for creating a well-rounded and enjoyable viewing experience.

Fan Reactions to Ray Ray’s Quotes

Ray Ray’s quotes in the movie “A Haunted House” have left fans in both shock and fits of laughter. The character’s unique blend of fear and humor has made him a fan favorite. Here are some of the best fan reactions to Ray Ray’s quotes:

  1. “I ain’t going in no haunted house.”

    Fans couldn’t help but relate to Ray Ray’s fear of entering a haunted house. Many expressed their admiration for his honesty and self-preservation.

  2. “My man… You better lay off the drugs.”

    This quote sent fans into a frenzy of laughter. Ray Ray’s delivery and comedic timing had viewers in stitches.

  3. “I can’t feel my legs, but I know I’m running.”

    This quote perfectly encapsulated Ray Ray’s ability to find humor even in the most terrifying situations. Fans praised his resilience and quick wit.

  4. “The devil is in my house, fucking my momma.”

    This line caused a mix of shock and amusement among fans. While it was a shocking statement, Ray Ray’s delivery brought an unexpected comedic element.

  5. “Is that blood?”

    Ray Ray’s innocent and naive reaction to seeing blood left fans in stitches. His genuine confusion and concern were both hilarious and endearing.

Overall, Ray Ray’s quotes in “A Haunted House” have become legendary among fans. They have been shared on social media, quoted in everyday conversations, and have even inspired fan artwork. Ray Ray’s unique blend of fear and humor continues to make him one of the most beloved characters in the movie.

Question and answer:

What is “A Haunted House”?

“A Haunted House” is a horror-comedy film series that follows the adventures of Malcolm and Keisha, a couple who experience various paranormal activities in their home.

Who is Ray Ray in “A Haunted House”?

Ray Ray is a character in the “A Haunted House” film series. He is Malcolm’s best friend and often provides comedic relief with his funny and sometimes scary quotes.

What are some funny quotes from Ray Ray in “A Haunted House”?

Some funny quotes from Ray Ray in “A Haunted House” include: “I ain’t afraid of no ghost… unless they black”, “Man, this house is so haunted, even the ghost got ghosts”, and “I see dead people, and they look a lot like you!”

How does Ray Ray contribute to the comedic aspect of the film?

Ray Ray contributes to the comedic aspect of the film with his hilarious and sometimes ridiculous quotes. His character provides comic relief and adds a light-hearted element to the otherwise scary scenes in the movie.

What are some scary quotes from Ray Ray in “A Haunted House”?

Some scary quotes from Ray Ray in “A Haunted House” include: “I don’t mess with no spirits, man. They can possess your ass!”, “This ghost gonna eat your soul, man. I’ve seen it happen!”, and “You better tread lightly, ’cause this house is filled with demons, bruh!”

What is the audience’s reaction to Ray Ray’s quotes in the film?

The audience’s reaction to Ray Ray’s quotes in the film is often a mix of fear and laughter. His scary quotes can make people jump or feel on edge, while his funny quotes elicit laughter and provide comedic relief.


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