Learn how to write an effective quote for your press release

How to write a quote for a press release

When writing a press release, one of the most important elements to include is a strong and compelling quote. Quotes can add credibility, humanize the story, and provide valuable insights from key individuals. However, crafting an effective quote is not as easy as it seems. A well-written quote can make or break a press release, so it’s crucial to get it right. In this article, we will share five tips to help you write an impactful quote for your next press release.

Tip 1: Keep it concise and to the point.

An effective quote should be concise and deliver the key message in a few sentences. Avoid using jargon or technical terms that may confuse the reader. Instead, use simple and straightforward language that is easy to understand. By keeping the quote short and concise, you ensure that it grabs the reader’s attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Tip 2: Make it memorable.

A memorable quote is one that resonates with the reader and sticks in their mind. To create a memorable quote, try using metaphors, analogies, or vivid language that paints a clear picture. Additionally, consider using emotional appeals or anecdotes that evoke strong emotions. A well-crafted quote can leave a lasting impression on journalists and readers alike.

Tip 3: Include a strong opinion or unique perspective.

To stand out from the crowd, your quote should offer a strong opinion or a unique perspective on the topic at hand. This can help you position yourself or your company as a thought leader in the industry. Avoid generic statements and instead provide valuable insights or innovative ideas that add value to the press release.

Tip 4: Attribute the quote to a credible source.

When including a quote in your press release, it’s essential to attribute it to a credible source. Quotes from well-known industry experts, company executives, or satisfied customers can add credibility to your press release. Including the person’s name, title, and company adds further legitimacy to the quote and increases the chances of it being picked up by journalists.

Tip 5: Align the quote with the overall message of the press release.

To ensure your quote enhances the overall message of the press release, make sure it aligns with the key points and themes discussed. The quote should reinforce the main idea or support the narrative of the press release. This coherence will help journalists and readers understand the importance and relevance of the quote within the larger context.

By following these five tips, you can write an effective quote that adds value to your press release and grabs the reader’s attention. Remember to keep it concise, memorable, and aligned with the overall message of your press release. With a well-crafted quote, you can make your press release stand out and attract the attention it deserves.

Be Concise and Direct

When crafting a quote for a press release, it’s important to be concise and direct. Journalists and readers don’t have time to parse through lengthy and convoluted statements. Instead, they want quotes that convey the main message clearly and succinctly.

To achieve conciseness in your quote, focus on the key points and avoid unnecessary details. Stick to the main message you want to communicate and use clear and straightforward language.

Being direct in your quote means avoiding any fluff or ambiguity. State your point clearly and confidently, leaving no room for misunderstanding. Journalists appreciate quotes that provide them with a clear and compelling soundbite that they can use in their articles.

Remember, a quote is meant to capture attention and convey the essence of your message in a concise and direct manner. By being upfront and to the point, you increase the chances of your quote being used and making an impact.

Use Compelling Language

When writing a quote for a press release, it is important to use compelling language that catches the reader’s attention. Here are some tips on how to use compelling language effectively:

  • Be concise: Keep your quote short and to the point. Use powerful words that convey your message clearly and directly.
  • Emphasize benefits: Highlight the benefits or advantages of your product, service, or event. Use language that shows how it can solve a problem or meet a need.
  • Evoke emotions: Use language that evokes emotions and connects with the reader on a personal level. This can help create a memorable quote that resonates with your audience.
  • Be specific: Instead of using generic phrases, provide specific details or statistics that support your message. This adds credibility and makes your quote more compelling.
  • Use strong verbs: Choose action verbs that add energy and dynamism to your quote. This can help create a sense of urgency and make your quote more impactful.

By using compelling language in your quote, you can effectively grab the attention of journalists and readers, increasing the chances of your press release being noticed and shared.

Incorporate Key Message

When crafting a quote for a press release, it’s important to incorporate the key messages you want to convey to your target audience. The quote should align with the overall messaging and objectives of your press release.

Here are some tips to help you incorporate key messages effectively:

  • Identify the main message: Determine the main point or theme you want to communicate through the quote. This could be a key benefit of your product, a statement about your company’s mission, or an important achievement.
  • Keep it concise: Remember that a quote for a press release should be short and to the point. Aim for a sentence or two to convey your main message clearly.
  • Use strong and compelling language: Choose words that are impactful and engaging. This will help grab the reader’s attention and make your key message stand out.
  • Provide supporting evidence: If possible, include facts, figures, or examples that support your key message. This adds credibility to your quote and makes it more persuasive.
  • Include a call to action: End your quote with a clear call to action that prompts the reader to take a desired action. This could be visiting your website, contacting your company, or participating in a specific event.

By incorporating key messages into your quote, you ensure that your press release effectively communicates the desired information to your target audience. Remember to review and revise your quote to ensure it aligns with your overall messaging and objectives.

Provide Credibility

When including a quote in a press release, it is important to provide credibility to the statement by attributing it to a reliable source. This helps to establish trust and legitimacy for the information being presented. Here are some tips on how to provide credibility in your quotes:

  1. Identify the speaker: Clearly state who the quote is coming from. This could be a company executive, industry expert, or someone with relevant expertise.
  2. Include a title or role: Along with the speaker’s name, include their title or role within the organization. This gives additional context and authority to the quote.
  3. Use quotes from known figures: If possible, try to include quotes from well-known figures in the industry or respected influencers. Their recognition and reputation can lend credibility to the statement.
  4. Provide background information: If the speaker is not widely known, provide a brief background or bio to establish their expertise in the subject matter.
  5. Highlight relevant experience or achievements: If the speaker has relevant experience or achievements that support their credibility on the topic, mention them in the quote.

By providing credibility in your quotes, you can enhance the impact of your press release and increase the chances of it being taken seriously by journalists and readers.

Highlight Benefits

Highlight Benefits

When writing a quote for a press release, it is important to highlight the benefits that your product, service, or company has to offer. This helps to grab the attention of the readers and show them why they should be interested in your news. Here are some tips for highlighting benefits in your quote:

  1. Focus on the reader: Highlight how the reader will benefit from your product or service. Use language that speaks directly to them and addresses their needs or pain points.
  2. Use specific examples: Provide concrete examples of how your product or service has benefited others. This helps to build credibility and shows that your benefits are not just empty promises.
  3. Quantify the benefits: If possible, quantify the benefits that your product or service offers. For example, you could mention that your software saves customers 50% of their processing time or that your weight loss program has helped clients lose an average of 10 pounds in a month.
  4. Address objections: Anticipate any potential objections or concerns that readers may have and address them in your quote. This helps to alleviate any doubts and makes your benefits more convincing.
  5. Keep it concise: Avoid lengthy quotes that overwhelm the reader with too much information. Keep your quote focused and concise, highlighting the key benefits that you want to communicate.

By highlighting the benefits of your product or service in your quote, you can make it more engaging and persuasive to readers, increasing the chances that they will be interested in your news and take action.

Question and answer:

What are some tips for writing an effective quote for a press release?

There are several tips for writing an effective quote for a press release. First, make sure the quote is concise and to the point. Use strong and memorable language that will grab the reader’s attention. Second, make sure the quote is relevant and adds value to the overall message of the press release. Third, attribute the quote to a specific spokesperson or individual to give it credibility. Fourth, consider using quotes that are emotional or personal to make a connection with the readers. Finally, proofread the quote to ensure it is free from errors and flows well with the rest of the press release.

Why is it important for a quote in a press release to be concise and to the point?

It is important for a quote in a press release to be concise and to the point because journalists and readers have limited time and attention spans. By keeping the quote short and focused, you increase the chances of it being read and remembered. Long and convoluted quotes can often be confusing and lose the reader’s interest. Therefore, it is best to keep the quote clear, concise, and impactful.

How can a quote in a press release add value to the overall message?

A quote in a press release can add value to the overall message by providing an expert opinion, a personal perspective, or a unique insight related to the topic of the press release. When a quote offers additional information or a different viewpoint, it enriches the content and gives the press release more credibility. Including a quote can also make the press release more interesting and engaging for the readers.

What is the significance of attributing a quote to a specific spokesperson or individual?

Attributing a quote to a specific spokesperson or individual is significant because it adds credibility and authority to the statement. When the quote comes from someone with expertise or authority on the subject matter, it carries more weight and is more likely to be trusted by the readers. Additionally, attributing the quote allows readers to connect the statement with a real person, which can help in building a relationship and establishing trust.

What impact can emotional or personal quotes have in a press release?

Emotional or personal quotes can have a significant impact in a press release. They can evoke emotions in the readers, making the content more relatable and memorable. Emotional quotes can create a stronger connection between the reader and the message of the press release, increasing the chances of the press release being shared or acted upon. By tapping into the readers’ emotions, personal or emotional quotes can make the press release more impactful and effective.

Why is it important to proofread a quote in a press release?

It is important to proofread a quote in a press release to ensure it is free from errors and flows well with the rest of the press release. Typos, grammatical mistakes, or awkward phrasing can detract from the credibility and impact of the quote. Proofreading allows you to catch any mistakes or issues and make necessary revisions before submitting the press release. A well-written and error-free quote increases the chances of it being taken seriously and effectively delivering the intended message.


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